Little green racing machine – party ferry – SUPERMOLLI!

10. oktober 2013 § Legg igjen en kommentar

Portugal – Atlantic Sea – Pacific Sea – Tonga

We write this in English, in order for the Mollis to understand (so they don’t need to analyse the crazy translation of GoogleTranslate…).

“Take right and not left before you reach Africa”. Our trip had not been the same if Supermolli had not listened to our advice in Portugal 15 months ago, and sailed into the Meditterainian instead of crossing the Atlantic with us. We are happy our routes have been the same for such a long time! Since this we have been sailing more or less side by side. We don’t think we have spent as much time with anyone over the same period of time. Most of our best moments on our trip have been with you. Living this close together, there have been downs also and we are glad we talked about this too. Overall, it is a crazy luck to find you on the oceans! That our kids have enjoyed each other so much, AND that we parents have hooked up so well.

There are so many things and we just want to thank you guys for amazing times and for funny and exciting company on the seas and on land… Our kids always will wake up earlier than yours, finding ourselves in desperate need of food in Colombia, and then all nine of us sick of the little food we actually got, kids sleeping over in our boats, collecting kids that didn’t wan’t to sleep over after all way too late in heavy rain and gale force winds, hippie flower propellers and racing cut propellers, dinghy racing, endless confusions on every route to be chosen, BisanDolph, canned fruits galore on all beaches, bonfires and torches for the kids, swimming in sweet water with open mouth haha, Bikini=sunglasses, Walk in Fly out, Perkins + Perkins vs coral, anchor bouy or not, bullshit talking hours after hours on the beach (Marcus + Jo), teaching Birk German (and English), polish good byes, and the never ending contest of which boat really is THE PARTY VESSEL… People are already asking us where you went, they miss our «incorrect» conversations on the VHF…

Before you sailed south in order to go to New Zealand (while we will continue west to Fiji), we for sure got a properly good bye party in our cockpit (together with Duende and Zoomax), and you really managed to take a polish good bye on us as you left Neiafu two days ago. Guess now we are even…? It was a sad and black day the next day with no green machine in the anchorage, but we can do nothing but laugh when we think of you and our times together!

In Norway we say that “a loved child has many names”. Our best Racing machine, Party ferry, Mollis: Lina, Jaron, Nikola and Marcus – we miss you! Have a happy sail and many kaffi fahrts further on your journey! We have already promised the kids (and ourselves) that we will come to see you when we all return. Just wait for our POLISH ARRIVAL!

Kisses, very many kisses from the FeliSCH

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